Since 2013 the PLASMONICA network associated with the SIOF working group ‘Plasmonics and Nano-Optics’ has established itself as a prominent forum for researchers in the field of nanophotonics. After 10 years, the Workshop on Plasmonics and Nano-Optics will come back where it all started: at Politecnico di Milano, on 5–7 July 2023. Save the date and stay tuned! A call for abstract will be issued soon. The topics of the workshop include:

  • Nanoantennas and metasurfaces
  • Nonlinear and ultrafast nanophotonics
  • Thermo- and magneto-plasmonics
  • Quantum plasmonics
  • Surface-enhanced spectroscopies and biosensing
  • Strong coupling in nanoscale systems
  • Semiconductor and THz plasmonics
  • Novel optical nanomaterials

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